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Dog Groomers Bedford
Dog Groomers Bedford
Dog Groomers Bedford
Dog Groomers Bedford
Dog Groomers Bedford

Paws in the Park
Off-Leash Membership Private Dog Park
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Our 3.3 acres is now finished. This area is for small dogs, and any size calm, laid back dogs. If your dogs enjoy active dogs we also have 3.7 acres for active dogs!

Introducing the first off-leash member’s private dog park in HRM. Located on the Lucasville Rd. Phase 1 will offer 3.7 acres of 6ft fenced wooded trails.

This is a safe environment for anyone that can not let their dog off leash, example their dogs are runners.

All dogs are assessed before memberships given out.
To book an assessment or any questions email or call Darlene at (902-832-9323)

Paws In The Park Membership Private Dog Park

The membership dog park is located on the Lucasville Rd. The first phase will have 3.7 acres of wooded 6ft fenced trails.

All dogs will be assessed with current vaccines.

The park is lit evenings during the winter months until 8:00pm

When memberships are given out the access to the park gate will be given.

One Dog Family
Gold /12 month $320.00
Silver/six month $220.00
Weekends/yearly $200.00
Weekends/six month $160.00
Second dog $75.00
Third dog $50.00

Prices do not include tax.

Paw Prints